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26 Feb



love is in the air.

9 Feb
Heart pillow
1. sweater via // 2. gold heart ring via
3. lovely shoes via // 4. nail art via
5.  love art via // 6. loved ring via
7. heart pillows via // 8. beautiful blouse via

metallic and leopard.

14 Jan

i definitely can’t get enough of metallic and leopard prints.

both are an easy way to add some fun to your day.

plus, there are so many cute finds all around!

here are just a few of my favorites. ♥

1. // 2. // 3. // 4.

5. // 6. shop // 7. // 8.

9. // 10. 

etsy finds.

6 Jan

etsy has so many great finds. these are just a few of the handmade goodies that have caught my eye.

i’m definitely needing to spice up my wall!

i love the idea of having the home states of me and my husband in our home.

hand crafted mugs, wall art and simple jewelry are the perfect touch. ♥

1// hunter and smile shop 2// poppy and pinecone shop 3// sea and asters shop

4//paulova shop 5// AM radio shop 6 & 7// minco shop

jersey knit bracelet. diy.

5 Jan

today i made a bracelet from an old t-shirt!

it was easy to make and a ton of fun!

i’ve included some how-to-photos.

the next time you’re about to throw a t-shirt away, make a bracelet (or headband) instead. ♥

Step 1// cut 2 strips of cloth, approximately 50 inches long. (pictured above)
Step 2//cut a small slit, approximately 1/4 inch, at the end of each strip. (pictured above)
Step 3// align the slits at opposite directions and thread the end of one of the strips. (pictured above)
Step 4// place the strip of cloth behind your ring finger. leave about 4 inches as a tail. (pictured above)
Step 5// weave the strip around your pinky then above your ring finger. (pictured above)
Step 6// make a big loop that covers both pinky and ring finger. (pictured above)
Step 7// pull the lower weave portion of cloth over the big loop made in step 6.
complete the pinky finger first, then complete on your ring finger. (pictured above)


continue doing this process until you’ve reached the desired length.
Step 8// gently remove fingers, thread tail into holes, and tie a knot.
Step 9// enjoy!!

trader joe’s.

21 Dec

trader joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop.

they have fresh and local organic foods with an island, laid-back environment.

plus, they even have food samples! :)

one of the things i’ve always liked about TJ’s are their recycled brown paper bags.

this year, TJ’s gave shoppers the opportunity to make garlands out of their bags!

thank you, trader joe’s. ♥






chalk it up.

23 Nov

although writing on chalk boards give me the goose bumps EVERY time, i still LOVE them.
they are such an easy way to add a touch of fun.
i also really like that you can erase any mistakes, since i’m definitely not the best artist!
while browsing online it was so nice to see some unconventional chalk board location ideas.
DIY projects are my favorite and i’m very excited to add some chalk art to my new little home. ♥

justshortofcrazycom-2.jpg cachestylemeprettycom-1.jpg

marthastewartcom-1.jpg 1. // 2. // 3.

4.  // 5. // 6.

7.  // 8. // 9.


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