jersey knit bracelet. diy.

5 Jan

today i made a bracelet from an old t-shirt!

it was easy to make and a ton of fun!

i’ve included some how-to-photos.

the next time you’re about to throw a t-shirt away, make a bracelet (or headband) instead. ♥

Step 1// cut 2 strips of cloth, approximately 50 inches long. (pictured above)
Step 2//cut a small slit, approximately 1/4 inch, at the end of each strip. (pictured above)
Step 3// align the slits at opposite directions and thread the end of one of the strips. (pictured above)
Step 4// place the strip of cloth behind your ring finger. leave about 4 inches as a tail. (pictured above)
Step 5// weave the strip around your pinky then above your ring finger. (pictured above)
Step 6// make a big loop that covers both pinky and ring finger. (pictured above)
Step 7// pull the lower weave portion of cloth over the big loop made in step 6.
complete the pinky finger first, then complete on your ring finger. (pictured above)


continue doing this process until you’ve reached the desired length.
Step 8// gently remove fingers, thread tail into holes, and tie a knot.
Step 9// enjoy!!
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