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chalk it up.

23 Nov

although writing on chalk boards give me the goose bumps EVERY time, i still LOVE them.
they are such an easy way to add a touch of fun.
i also really like that you can erase any mistakes, since i’m definitely not the best artist!
while browsing online it was so nice to see some unconventional chalk board location ideas.
DIY projects are my favorite and i’m very excited to add some chalk art to my new little home. ♥

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oh hello, fall fun!

13 Nov

pumpkin decorating, vegan baking, and creating fall decor.
i’m loving this time of year!
i’m looking forward to waaaay more fall fun. ♥





26 Oct

I recently learned that watching a sunset increases happiness and improves your mood by naturally increasing levels of dopamine and seratonin!! These are the same hormones that are released when you work out.
So, whenever you have the opportunity to enjoy a sunset, do it and watch your mood improve. <3


think pink.

20 Oct

did you know that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer?

honor the  many fighters and strong survivors this month by supporting breast cancer awareness.

think pink, wear pink.♥


blazin bows.

7 Oct

it’s getting very cold way too fast.

the bright side of the cool weather is wearing cute sweaters and coats.

to stay warm this time of year, my choice garments are blazers and

sweaters with elbow patches.

i’m excited to try them out!


braids and glitz.

26 Aug

summer is my favorite season.

beaches, vacations, fireworks, family, camping, cookouts, and birthdays always bring a smile to my face.

this summer two of my current obsessions are braids and glitter!

the little girl inside of me,

is definitely happy. ♥

hope in all circumstances.

16 Aug

Today was a hard day for me. I struggled with sadness and doubt. I’m thankful that God uses a variety of methods to uplift and elevate our spirits. May Ed’s testimony speak to you.

Ed’s Story, posted with vodpod

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