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instagram fun.

26 Feb



trader joe’s.

21 Dec

trader joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop.

they have fresh and local organic foods with an island, laid-back environment.

plus, they even have food samples! :)

one of the things i’ve always liked about TJ’s are their recycled brown paper bags.

this year, TJ’s gave shoppers the opportunity to make garlands out of their bags!

thank you, trader joe’s. ♥





how to love.

7 Nov

this cover has been on REPEAT.

her voice is powerful and lovely. ♥

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forever your little girl.

28 Oct

you drove me to 48 states and made it FUN, helped me learn my times tables even though i rebelled, played Beatles music on long car rides, made me grilled cheese and corn meal on late saturday nights, read me books to sleep with all the best voices, pulled out my loose teeth in the most unique way, awkwardly braided my hair when mom was out-of-town, taught me how to love god…by example.

thanks for inspiring me and loving me unconditionally.
happy birthday, daddy.♥


oregon love.

14 Oct

grandparents barn. love it!

handpicked berried from grandparents farm. delicious!

apple picking with my best friend.

downtown portland.

exploring the city.

my talented brother!

portland rose garden.

blossoming lotus. BEST VEGAN restaurant!

being someone’s first love is great, but being their last is beyond perfect.

15 Sep

love stories are my favorite.

this particular love story makes me cry and feel crazy happy every time i watch it.

this was one of the best gifts i’ve ever received. thanks mmv!

A Love Story, posted with vodpod

word inspiration.

5 Jun

there is nothing like words to get your heart smiling.

these words just hit the spot for me.

keep a song in your heart and stay inspired!

lace lovin.

16 May

this spring i’m completely diggin lace.
so feminine.
so pretty.
can’t wait to get lots of lace in my closet.

sabbath walk.

20 Apr

can a day be anything less than amazing when it starts  with a walk on the beach?

not possible.

think love.

16 Apr

as a new week starts,
new opportunities start.
think love and change your world one day at a time.






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